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Hundreds of students are graduating this summer with plans of going to a 4-year college or no plans at all.

Do you remember your first job?

What if you met a contractor such as yourself? What would you have done differently?

As you probably know, public schools are “built” to get kids onto the next educational step in the process (i.e., college).

There are certainly conversations paid to the idea of working post-high school, but the reality is that the guard rails we have in place are strong for getting kids to college and quite weak when it comes to work.

We would like to change that notion to ensure that students who are not pursuing college get the support they need to be successful in their next steps.

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Happy Plumbers

Trade Skills Program
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Employer Trade Skills Mentorship

  • Students learn about different trades as they gain work experience.

  • Earn an income while they learn.

  • Learn about jobsites and meet industry professionals.

  • Build knowledge on how to complete small build projects.

  • Your mentorship gives students an alternative to expensive 4-6 year college degrees.

Employer Mentorship Benefits

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