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Trade Skills Program (Coming January 2023)

Coming January 30th - March 31st 2023

Our company will be launching our " Skills Trade Program" for participants to work with local contractors and get hands on work experience doing various construction work-site labor.


  • Help students explore different career opportunities in the construction field.

  • Get help paying for college, including applying for workforce funding.

  • Meet various employers in the industry.

  • Get individualized support from our staff, including case management and access to support services.

Our Goal Is To Help Students

  • Learn about the different construction trades.

  • Learn about jobsites and meet industry professionals.

  • Earn a good wage while they learn during their 12 week learning program.

  • Become stronger and more physically fit!

  • Build knowledge of trade skills, how to use power tools, and complete small build projects.

Employer Sign-Up Form

As a partner you are helping equip young people with the necessary tools for a successful career in the trades industry. We hope this will not only be a life changing event for every young person, but for everyone at your company as well.

    Thanks for submitting!

    Let’s Work Together!

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