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Trade Skills Program

Our "Trade Skills Program" was designed to equip participants with valuable knowledge and skills for a successful career in carpentry, painting, electrical, welding, roofing, and other general construction labor.

Our goal is to bridge the employment gap in essential trades that will be rewarding for students, their families and ultimately the communities they live in. This approach will help participants earn while they learn.

How Does It Work

Students are nominated into the Trade Skills Program through their participating schools and career councilors. 

Once students complete their online application they will be invited to a group interview and Q & A.

After the group interview, students will receive confirmation of their job assignment and details.


Finally, once the 80 hour assignment is completed students will be enrolled into a pre-apprenticeship training program where they can advance their learning of the trades industry or receive assistance choosing another career path.


Click Here For Student Enrollment

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